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Badshah Begum Drama Episode 5 Story | Badshah Begum is one of the best dramas on Hum TV which is aired on Hum TV every Tuesday night from March 1, 2022, at 8 o’clock. The play is written by Pakistan’s famous playwright Saji Gul while the play is directed by Khizar Idrees. The producers of this drama are Rafi Rashid and Momina Duraid.

The main cast of the drama serial Badshah Begum includes Farhan Saeed, Yasir Hussain, Ali Rehman Khan, Zara Noor Abbas and Komal Meer. All the details of episode 5 of Badshah Begum Drama are provided in this article.

Badshah Begum Drama Episode 5 Story

The fifth episode of Badshah Begum starts from where it ended.
The Badshah Begum asks Roshan Ara who is the boy from the city who has rumours in the whole village. To which Roshan Ara replies that he is my friend. In a fit of rage, Badshah Begum slaps Roshan Ara in anger and leaves the place.

In the next scene, Jahan Ara goes to Badshah Begum in her room and tells her that I have to talk to you but Badshah Begum says that I have to worship, I don’t have time, to which Jahan Ara tells her that I will not take much time and tells Badshah Begum that Roshan Ara is ignorant. I will explain to her that she will not do such a thing in future. On which Badshah Begum tells her many things.

After that Jahan Ara goes to her father and tells him why you have kept Bakhtiar here. There are many problems here. Her father explains to her that you are worried and everything will be fine.

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What S Next

Then Saba leaves and goes to Roshan Ara and explains to her. Next seen shifts to Bakhtiar who is taking pictures of fields. Then Murad comes there and talks to Bukhtiar about city life. Then Murad’s servant comes to Murad and tells him that Shahzaib is calling you and Murad leaves.

After that Murad and Shahzaib come to the Hawali together in the car. Murad asks his brother if he had left the Hawali and why he is here.
Then Shah Alam meets his sons Murad and Shahzaib. Shahzaib does not talk to his father properly. Then both of them hug and complain.

When such a Khalifa is going to the Hawali, the Qaisar stops him and insults him, after which the Khalifa informs Shah Alam to come to the Hawali.

Then Bakhtiar suddenly comes to the women’s portion where Roshan Ara sees him and tells him to leave and he leaves but Badshah Begum sees them and asks one of his maids to keep an eye on them.

Then in the next scene, Qaisar crushes a child with his car from which he escapes but Qaiser does not pay any attention to him and goes to his Hawali. The child belongs to one of his maids who is very angry with him and rebels against Qaisar and goes to Shahzaib’s Hawali to meet him and tells him all the plans of Qaisar. With that, the episode ends۔

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