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Badzaat Drama Story – Episode 8 | Badzaat is a Geo TV drama that is telecast on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 pm. It’s a great drama that audiences love. So far 8 episodes of the drama have been aired. Today we will provide you with complete information on episode 8 of Badzaat Drama.

The main cast of the drama includes Imran Ashraf and Urwa Hocane
while the other cast includes Saba Faisal, Sidra Niazi, Zoya Niazi, Ali Abbas and other important stars of Pakistan. This is a great cast that viewers love.

Misbah Nousheen has written the story of the drama serial Badzaat. The drama is directed by Siraj ul Haq while the producers of the drama include Abdullah Khadwani and Asad Qureshi.

Badzaat Drama Story Ep 8

Episode 8 begins with a Qandeel Williama where Daniel insults Bia. Daniel tells Bia.

Daniel is saying to Bea …
I could have done a lot worse with you,
so don’t talk about all this.
Runaway from here as soon as possible
or else Or else, what?

Then there Wali comes who tells Daniel.
Or else, what?
Is this a place to create a scene, Daniyal?
Fine, I know that
you don’t care about the family’s respect,
but she is your sister,
care for her respect at least.

Daniel says to Wali.
The scene that happened yesterday,
I came to remove it altogether.
There won’t be anything to talk about.

Then Wali says to Daniel.
Look into it later,
your sister’s married life is at stake,
go save it.
What if you have to regret it later.

Wali then tells Daniel to go and talk to his parents who are embarrassed in front of everyone. After which Daniel leaves and goes to apologize to his sister’s in-laws who are angry at Daniel for not disclosing his marriage, saying that he was the one who hastened the marriage in which his parents There is no fault.

Qandeel’s father-in-law forgives Daniel on the condition that Daniel will give them a party in the joy of his marriage. Daniel and his parents agree, and they begin to enjoy Williama.

Badzaat Drama Cast – Timing – OST

After Williama

After Williama, Wali was going home in his car with his mother, Bia and Bia’s mother, he saw his sister walking in the car with another man on the way, which made him very angry and took his family home. After leaving, he goes to his real mother who is sleeping. He waits for her to wake up. When she wakes up, Wali asks his mother if she lied to me that my sister has gone to Islamabad.

On which the mother of the Wali tells him that your sister has left the house. Don’t be sad so I did not tell you.

On the other hand, Qandeel, who has come to her parents’ house, Bia goes to her and tells her the whole truth about what Daniel did to her. The next day Daniel goes to his sister Qandeel and tells her that Bia is lying but Qandeel does not believe him. Daniel gets angry and leaves where Bea meets him.

He insults Bia, to which Bia responds, but he tries to slap Bia, then Wali comes and grabs his hand, after which a fight breaks out between Daniel and Wali, and the same Badzaat drama episode 8 ends.

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